NeedleArt Connections Ltd.
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NeedleArt Connections, Ltd.  produces and distributes reproductions of
museum antique Dutch samplers. It also distributes charts for  
and Past Pleasures.

NeedleArt Connections, Ltd.
is proud to announce it has been selected by
the Museum of Needlework Art in the Netherlands to chart and reproduce a
large number of antique samplers from their collection. A contract has
recently been sign for the exclusive rights to sell these charts. The series will
be released two at a time, quarterly. They will be available for a limited time
NeedleArt Connections, Ltd. thinks that this is a spectacular collection
and hopes you will purchase and enjoy the entire series. Access to the
collection of the antique samplers may never be repeated.

NeedleArt Connections, Ltd. works to give you all the information possible to
reproduce samplers as closely as possible to how they look today. A lot of
research goes into fabric color and fabric thread count, type of fabric as well
as the color and type of thread as in silk, cotton, or wool, and how many
strands are used to produce an authentic reproduction.

Westminster Designs produces Samplers in the 18th & 19th Century
manner. Although they are not reproductions, the motifs and style are
reminiscence of this period.

Past Pleasures purchases antique European samplers and reproduces
them in chart form.

The Christmas Ornaments reflect the joy and peace of Christmases past and
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